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  • Shortage of Food

    Shortage of Food and clean drinking water are two things we in the west take for granted every day. In Ukraine, however, these basic necessities are becoming more and more scarce ...

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  • Veteran Family Assistance

    A serious injury or wound is difficult for a family to bare. In the on-going conflict in Ukraine more and more families are having their lives torn to shreds by a ...

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  • Medical Needs

    A country at war affects soldiers and innocents alike. The need to treat soldiers is important, but it is just as important to help the sick civilians who rely on hospitals, ...

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  • Ousted Ukraine President Masterminded Kiev Sniper Killings

    Ukrainian authorities on Thursday accused deposed ousted Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych of conspiring with security officials in February. Carrying out an unlawful anti-terrorist operation that resulted in elite riot police under their command shooting and killing several anti-government protesters in central Kiev in February. They also said Yanukovych had used kidnappers and gangs of titushki […]

  • Russia is invading Ukraine

    In the few days following the decision by the Russian parliament to authorize invading Ukraine. The Russian military is closing it’s grasp more tightly on it’s primary target: Crimea. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is pleading for Western intervention to help them regain control of the situation, as they believe there are no military options […]

  • Obama warns Russia of ‘costs’ of intervention in Ukraine

    Obama warns Russia of what can happen if they choose to intervene with armed invasion in Ukraine Tensions in Crimea are running high as apparent Russian military personnel in uniforms with no identifying insignia have entered the region and have taken control of two airports in an effort to establish a dominant presence. The move […]

  • Russia deploys Military Forces in Eastern Ukraine

    Has Kiev Weary of More Aggression Within It’s Borders The Minsk Protocol has failed. Fresh conflict over the Donetsk airport which has turned into one of the most symbolic battlegrounds has seen the deaths of countless Ukrainian soldiers. Russia deploys Military soldiers, artillery and military equipment in Ukraine’s east has Kiev concerned that the situati

  • Petro Poroshenko Wins the Presidential Election

    May 25th, Kiev: Petro Poroshenko,a pro-European candidate who steadfastly opposed former president Viktor Yanukovych. Wins the presidential election with a strong majority of votes, despite pro-Russian separatists disrupting voting stations in the east. While being sworn in the newly elected leader declares that the Crimea region, recently taken over by Russia, is still part of […]

  • Tensions Escalate in Ukraine Over Fears of Russian Invasion

    Russian Invasion Escalates over Ukraine The Ukrainian military is now at the highest degree of readiness. This comes after interim President Oleksandr Turchynov has stated that the Ukraine needs this level of preparedness in order to respond to a possible Russian invasion on their eastern regions. I once again return to the real danger of […]

  • Russian Foreign Minister Threatens Ukraine, Then Takes Selfie

    There’s always time for a selfie, it seems for Russian foreign minister. Sergei Lavrov spoke on a news program saying that Kiev had failed to comply with a brokered truce between the Ukraine, talk of the destruction of a neighboring country. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov spoke on a news program saying that Kiev had […]

  • Ukraine President, Viktor Yanukovych, flees Kiev

    Deciding to flee the capital, Ukraine President Yanukovych believed a coup was underway and is now believed to be hiding out in an Eastern part of the country. In reaction to this the nation’s parliament began to consider a motion that would see Yanukovych removed from power. The declaration made by the Ukrainian parliament stated […]